ragdoll chato



Kitten are expected


Lady would give birth in first week of Dicember 2018


Colors expected:

- Lilac point or mitted

- Chocolat point or mitted


Male chocolat mitted

100% traditionnal

Lady Pink Champagne
Choco Loco

Futur kitten's pedigree click here <==


Last weeding: Winter 2019

Junky X Everest

Havana X Puccini

End of march 2018

Ludo x Junky

Everest x Lady

Ludo x Star


2nd week of April

Herzliya x Choco (chocolate mitted boy)



Summer/Autumn 2018

Everest x Havana

Everest x Muse



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If you are interested in one of our kittens, please contact us either by email or by telephone every day between 10am and 10pm.

If you wish for a particulour colour, sex, pattern or quality we can inform you if we have such a kitten available or we can contact you when we are next expecting a litter that coincides with your wishes.

We can add you to our waiting list, without committing yourself, so as to be able to inform you when we have the cat you’re looking for. 

All our cats are registered with the LOOF and none of them leave without a pedigree.
They leave when they are over 3 months old (4 if they leave France and 6 if they leave Europe)
They leave weaned, vaccinated and de-flead.
Several payments can be made for the cat.

We like to have follow-up information on our kittens and stay in touch with new owners, to help if necessary with any questions you may have during its life

Our Ragdolls leave with a specific purchase contract depending quality:


Not destined for reproduction or cat shows and will be sterilized.  It’s pattern or type will not allow it to be used for breeding or competing in competitions.

Show cat

It will not be destined for breeding and will be sterilized.  It’s pattern or type will be perfect or near perfect for shows but not breeding.
 We decide if a kitten qualifies as a reproducer and will only be sold to someone serious !


Qualities for breeding but not shows.  Its marking and type are almost perfect.  Its genotype is very good.

Show and breeding cats : Has the qualities for both breeding and shows.  Perfect marking, type and exceptional charater.



- Even with the name  « Ragdoll » you mustn’t forget that it is still a cat so a little word of advice for those who want a cuddly toy, a cat needs calm, company, respect and regular grooming, vaccines and care....We sell cats, not toys!

- It is totally forbidden to remove the claws of our cats.  If you have a problem you can’t deal with, contact us.  Certain cats are difficult, I know, but there is no reason to abandon an animal or remove its claws just because he may spoil your furniture.

- If, for any reason, you no longer want your cat, please contact us or talk to someone competent (a vet or breeder) you must never sell or leave your cat in a pet shop.

- There will be a  deposit of 250 Euros when reserving a cat, which will cover the costs of the vaccinations, the electronic chip, sterisisation and notification at LOOF.  This will not be refunded if the buyer withdraws his order.  I reserve the right to retract and in that case, of course the 250 Euros fee will be refunded.