The ragdoll

Like most large cats, the ragdoll is a gentle giant with inner force who knows how to control it’s strenth and adapt it’s behaviour towards different members of the family.  It is also perfect for people who want a long-haired cat but don’t have much time for grooming.  A weekly brush is usually sufficient to keep the Ragdoll’s fur looking beautiful.


The legende

Ann Baker had an angora cat called Josephine which, while in gestation, was run over by a car.  At birth, the kittens were all limp and felt no pain!  Thus, the first ragdoll was born.


The history of the ragdoll

It was the discovery of a cat-breeder called Ann Baker,who wished for a gentler and calmer cat than all her previous ones.  She named this mixed race the Ragdoll, a name which even to this day has brought her prejudice.

Living in Riverside California, Ann Baker was tired of being covered in scratches from head to toe.  She wanted a cat who could be cuddled constantly aswell as being strong and soft to the touch.  She started to mix different breeds to find the desired attributes and finally came up with the Ragdoll – literally dolls made of cloth that don’t stiffen when picked up and let their legs just dangle in the air.

In Europe, people not only laughed and mocked the Ragdoll but instulted it too.  Rumors started spreading that they had no character, didn’t feel pain, had no energy and just lazed about all day.  The Ragdoll was introduced in Europe only twenty years ago contradicting all previous assertions and proving that they are just like normal cats with only a few little differences, like all breeds of cats. 


Charactere and temperament

The best way to describe the debonnair personality of the Ragdoll is to say he likes to save his energy and strength.  Even though he is strong, he will never show his claws to a human.

He loves children, is never upset but however has a few minutes of folly everyday when he’ll race across a room as though the devil were at his heels.
He enjoys playing with other cats but will not rip the toy mouse into shreds or rip the curtains preferring to find another way to get on top of the wardrobe.

 Of course, it demands room in the bed, like all cats.  It’s an easy cat to train, who will willingly follow you around and will come when you call especially when dinner is ready.  Very tolerant towards other cats and needs constant company which can be either feline or human.